Emergency Blackouts / Repairs / Disaster / Prevention / Continuation of Existing Contracts

Alpha-Electric-Company-Favicon-RetinaWe have technicians and project managers available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to take care of any electrical needs or emergencies you may have. Our service department is staffed with licensed electricians who have at least five years of experience and scheduling coordinators with the skill necessary to ensure an electrician on site when you need one, be it days, nights, weekends, or holidays for all service needs.

Alpha Electric listens to its customers’ needs to ensure each project is completed with superior workmanship and the highest quality materials. We are committed to each and every electrical contracting project making our overall production and effective and time efficient process for the convenience of our employers and the commitment to their business. Our 24/7 availability helps ensure Alpha Electric is there when we are needed, no matter what industry:

  • Hospitals / During emergencies from weather, disaster or Prevention
  • Retail / Overall services from networking to preventive repairs
  • Manufacturing / New equipment installation, exiting general issues, power source malfunctions and trouble shooting
  • Shutdowns / Trouble shooting, preventive re occurrences or repair overall electrical network
  • Preventative Maintenance / To most commune electrical network or equipment installs
  • Turn Key Jobs  / New, Repair or Expansion (Electric)
  • MATV Systems  / New, Repair or Expansion (Electric)
  • Surge Protectors  / New, Repair or Expansion (Electric)
  • Normal Power  / New, Repair or Expansion (Electric)
  • Up to Code Updates  / New, Repair or Expansion (Electric)
  • Expansions  / New, Repair or Expansion (Electric)
  • New Construction  / New, Repair or Expansion (Electric)
  • Repairs  / New, Repair or Expansion (Electric)
  • Maintenance  / New, Repair or Expansion (Electric)